We are a thinking church for thinking people. We never ask for blind faith, rather we hope you will ask questions and study many different sources as you add your voice and experience to our own. We believe that a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives makes us stronger. We hope that you will join a class or a study and deepen your faith and build relationships with other members of the church. 

There are several ways to get connected listed below.

Seminary Abridged is a program that Pastor Alex developed in 2015 where he teaches short classes on various subjects. These classes are formatted to address a specific topic, historical era, or doctrine for a short period of time. These classes typically last for 2-4 weeks and are intentionally standalone and flexible so that it's easy for people to attend the topics they are interested in and easy for people who can't commit to a yearlong study or class right now.

Pastor Alex typically teaches these classes at 6:30pm on Wednesdays as a part of our weekly Wednesday Night Live program, however these classes are occasionally offered at different times as well.

Fall Schedule:

Theology 101: Who Is God and Why Should We Care?

4-Week Course on Wednesdays @6:30pm - 9/22, 9/29, 10/6, 10/13 (2021) - in the Parlor

We worship the incredible and infinite God of the universe. There is no way we can ever grasp the fullness of God’s divinity, and yet God calls us to seek the things above. Join us, as we explore an overview of Christian theology, where we will learn how to think theologically and understand the foundational tenets of our great faith.

What is the Bible and Where Did It Come From?

2-Week Course on Wednesdays @6:30pm - October 20 & 27 (2021) - in the Parlor

The Bible is the foundation of our faith, and yet few people have read the entire book, or understand its genres, purpose and history. We will take two weeks, not to study any passage in particular, but to look at what this holy book truly is, how it came to be in the form we have today, and what we are supposed to do with it.