Wednesday Night Live!

WNL is a weekly program that features:

  • 6:00pm - Dinner ($5/person, $20 family max)
  • 6:30pm - Music, games, and crafts for kids. Adults can attend Pastor Alex's Seminary Abridged classes or hang out in the gym to chat with friends or even get in on a game of spades!
  • 7:30pm - Choir Practice
  • WNL is great for parents

    This program is wonderful for parents of young kids because it provides one night every week where they don't have to worry about preparing dinner and their kids have a blast learning music, playing games in the gym, and having fun with new friends! It also provides a chance for you to attend Pastor Alex's class or just sit and quietly chat with other adults while our children and music staff are hanging out with you kids in a safe environment. 

  • WNL is great for kids and youth

    Our kids and youth get to sing in choirs, shoot hoops in the gym, play games with kids their age, hangout in the youth room upstairs where there are lots of games, and have a great meal that includes a kid-friendly option. We know there's a lot of stress and pressure on kids today, so we try and provide a fun event each week where our kids can come and be themselves, run out some energy, and make new friends.

  • wnl is great for adults

    Sing in the choir, play games and chat with friends after dinner, join Pastor Alex's Seminary Abridged classes; there are so many things for adults on Wednesdays! WNL is a little taste of old school church, when people of all ages came together with their community to eat, laugh, and have fun together.